We are a San Francisco based, worker-owned and operated messenger service. We offer same day delivery service throughout the greater Bay Area. Delivering your parcels on-time is our number one priority. At Cricket, we are committed to guaranteeing that your important packages and documents arrive on time, whether it’s due within a few hours or just a few minutes!

Why Co-op?

Cricket is a worker-owned collective messenger company.

Along with a band of like-minded independent companies, Cricket is taking a stand against the trend towards the corporate model prevalent in today's messenger industry.  Factors such as electronic communication and the growth of large overnight companies are cutting into the volume of work done by couriers, and this has forced most of the large messenger companies in the city to convert to a chain-owned, corporate style of operation.  In order for the bosses to keep making money, they've slashed benefits and wages for workers. Naturally, this treatment creates a disenchanted workforce with an astronomical turnover rate, delivering half-hearted, sub-par service.

At Cricket, we envision a much different future for the messenger industry. We know that when our clients decide to call a messenger, it's because their delivery requires immediate attention and special care. It may be something fragile, or something that absolutely needs to be on someone's desk within fifteen minutes, or a matter in which friendly, professional hand-delivery will make the best impression on our clients' affiliates.  To preserve a team of invested, experienced messengers who can deliver this level of service, we "fired the boss," eliminated the overhead costs of renting an office and employing order-takers, and started our own company on an independent, collectively-owned model.

Cricket offers top-notch service to our clients because of the unique level of pride and responsibility that our members take in the company. We are more than just pedal-pushers who put in our nine-to-five and then check out; we're also the brains behind everything from order-taking, dispatching and billing to advertising and graphic design. At Cricket, we believe the success of our company is gauged not just financially, but by the triumph of democratic ideals and values in the workplace. No wonder we always look so happy!


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