January 2008

Happy New Year! 2008 finds us writing to you to share some good news and some bad news.

First, the bad news. After nearly a decade of being one of the San Francisco messenger industry’s most employee friendly, locally owned, ethically operated companies, No B.S. has been forced to shut its doors.  With an overgrown infrastructure, the company was no longer financially viable, and it has been folded into a corporate chain, which no longer required our services. This chain uses sub-contracted, underpaid, inexperienced messengers to extract as much profit as possible from its clients.

The good news. The former bikers of No B.S. opened the doors on our own company, building a worker-owned cooperative that is even more true to the ideals of fairness, local ownership, and impeccable service that we’ve always aspired to. At Cricket Courier we have retained the cohesive team we have built together over the years, and with more of ourselves invested as owners, order takers, trouble-shooters, and riders we are directly responsible to efficiently deliver your work.

We are the same great people, offering the same great service, with no middleman, and competitive rates. With long years of experience under our belts, we know how to deliver the high level of service you have come to rely on.